Participation is the willing contribution to a project, team, or culture. Every member brings the best of themselves to the table and accepts personal responsibility for their part in the success of an organization.


Trust is simply unspoken, unseen confidence. It is key in developing the type of culture in which every team member can thrive and contribute the best version of themselves. Trust stimulates the courage to try new ideas, fail, and succeed together.


Meaningful communication is less about the exchange of information and more about intentionally creating an atmosphere that champions productivity, community, and growth. It fosters the building of a powerful team, not just a workforce.


Connection is a mix of intentional exchange and vulnerability. It's more than just a conversation. It's the open hearted engagement that creates a safe place and opportunity for growth of relationships and an organization.

We understand that who we are as individuals and as a team, is a choice. We make these choices every second of every day. Who we are is both internal and external. Who we decide to be internally is what we have to give away. These decisions define the environments and communities in which we live, work, and play.

So who are we? Well, we’re unique, and we love that! We’re also authentic. We choose real conversations with ourselves, one another, and our clients...honest conversations that can be awkward, hard, and good. We choose personal responsibility and own our good and bad choices. We clean up our messes, both literally and figuratively. We cheer one another on and pick each other up. We choose to face our fears and conquer them. We choose connection. We laugh, a lot! We sometimes laugh at each other, and sometimes with each other. We say yes...and no. We choose to foster trust and community.


It’s this open-hearted, purposeful approach we bring to our clients. The culture we create within our organization is extended to those we choose to work with as well. We bring expertise, authenticity, and whole-hearted effort that create a timeless and worthwhile experience for each individual, each team, and each client.


As a full service marketing agency, we specialize in developing, implementing, and maintaining personalized local employee discount programs and marketing strategies for businesses across many industries. Based out of Charleston, SC serving companies across the United States for more than 15 years; we have a proven track record delivering tangible value to employees and intentional and effective marketing programs to the companies we serve. We specialize in helping organizations engage, educate, and retain both employees and customers alike. We look forward to working with you!

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